Saturnino has a unique and important mission in his head, to present his new instrument to the audience, his Orgatong. What is an Orgatong? A piano, an organ, made with tubes that Saturnino plays with beach flip flops.
How? By posing as the conductor of a great orchestrar.
As a good conductor, he tries to be correct, precise and respect the protocol. Saturnino will try not to lose his papers and to keep calm at all times. But a surprise guest, a fly, prevents him from making his presentation of the Orgatong as he had planned.
We are taken on a journey of emotions fuelled by the music of the Orgatong, Saturnino´s passion to show his new creation and his ploys to get rid of the fly while keeping to his goal at all times.

Passion por un Tubo (Bucket loads of Passion) is a simple show, full of humanity, where the desire to show a person's passion for what he does leads us to moments of madness, tenderness, laughter and true complicity with the audience.
All this through the universal languages of gesture and music.
“A show for all audiences".